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Orchidees chateau Sancerre
Scenic view of Sancerre from the top of the Tower of Fiefdoms

Our Houses, Domains and Castles

Our Wine Houses, Estates, Chateaux and Brands have been reorganized with the objective of structuring our Loire Valley offer into two distinct portfolios in view of pursuing our development: premium products, at once diverse and rich, thanks to their terroirs of origin, local growers, strong values and historic know-how.


Our Châteaux and Domaines portfolio, Great Loire Valley wines, specializes in top quality offerings derived from the chateaux and estates behind our finest appellations. This portfolio occupies an important place in the strategy of Orchidées, Maisons de Vin and is part and parcel of the careful and well-reasoned work, undertaken by passionate vintners. The team of men and women is entirely committed to quality, and to upholding and promoting the expertise of the preceding generations. Respect for a job well-done, local growers, and the region’s terroirs, are values that have always been deeply held by our group.

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One of the few estates bearing the name of an appellation, such as Margaux or Pommard. Situated on the Loire’s left bank and chiefly made up of a unique terroir of 4 different soils, Chateau de Sancerre has a surface area of 55 hectares boasting level 3 High Environmental Quality certification and planted with vines representing an average age of 25 years.

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With origins dating back to the 15th century, this property is one of the most famous wine estates in Anjou. Boasting level 3 High Environmental Quality certification, its vast vineyard extends across 150 hectares.

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This prestigious producer of top quality Loire Valley wines is located in the district of Montsoreau. Overlooking the Loire on the eastern side of the Saumur-Champigny appellation, its 43-hectare vineyard has earned level 3 High Environmental Quality certification.

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This 23-hectare estate is certified in organic farming. Benefiting from the Layon’s micro-climate, the property’s grapes are perfectly well suited to the production of wines with character and ageing potential.

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11.86 the quintessence of the Fines Bulles of the Loire: the audacity on the one hand, brought by the spirit of innovation of the 1st house of Fines Bulles from Saumur, founded by Mr Jean-Baptiste Ackerman in 1811. And the art of assembling on the other hand, through the house of Fines Bulles from Touraine founded by Monsieur Alcide Monmousseau in 1886.

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Stretching from the Atlantic coast to the Centre region, it is a point of equilibrium, where north meets south, sophistication meets freshness, art meets literature, and tradition meets modernity. These contrasts - plus the generally temperate climate and extraordinarily varied terroirs - have created the most diverse winegrowing region in the world. Esprit de Loire is its worthy representative, with a wide variety of products for all tasting moments and pleasures. This portfolio is made up of premium brands, at once diverse and rich, thanks to their terroirs of origin, local growers, strong values and historic know-how, thereby creating the wines of tomorrow.

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The forerunner in refined Loire Valley sparkling wines, Maison Ackerman benefits from exceptional know how dating back to 1811. Combining tradition and innovation, its blends provide great wines, at once gastronomic and audacious.

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The art of a long, slow and precise breeding to reveal all the rich taste of the appellations of the Loire Valley.

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Situated at the heart of tuffeau stone caves in the area with the most beautiful Loire Valley castles, this house has been elaborating prestigious sparkling wines according to the finest tradition since 1886.

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Fines Bulles whose elegance, aroma and freshness are enhanced by an exclusive liqueur, derived from the emblematic grape variety of the Loire: the Chenin.

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Wines vinified by us in a fresh, fruity and aromatic style, without adding artifice and easy to taste on any occasion.

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Situated in the middle of the Vouvray appellation area, the estate elaborates traditional wines relating the story of a winegrower in love with his region.

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